How to Evaluate the Maturity of Your Security Awareness Training

Every year you’re growing and maturing your security environment. How do you judge the maturity of your information security awareness training? To properly implement a security program that continues to grow with the security needs of your people, ask the following questions. What is your risk and threat environment? What are your compliance requirements? Have you done a knowledge and culture assessment? Have you done a behavior risk assessment? And ask yourself if you have a multilingual component. The answers to these questions will help you determine the maturity of your organization's security environment. As your organization grows more sophisticated and mature, so should your security awareness training. There are models such as SANS Security Awareness Maturity Model, which can assist in how you plan and track the maturity of your security awareness training. It helps you consider the following: Do you have a program? Are you compliance focused? Does it promote security awareness? Is it sustainable? Is it flexible as your requirements change? Work with KirkpatrickPrice to ensure that your security awareness program is capable of growing with your business and your people. 

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