Introduction to Amazon CloudWatch

Monitor Resources and Applications 
We want to encourage you to use Amazon CloudWatch to its full potential. We rarely see AWS customers maximizing their use of this service to monitor all AWS resources and applications in real time. Simply stated by AWS, “With CloudWatch, you gain system-wide visibility into resource utilization, application performance, and operational health.”

Are you leveraging the following features?  
  • Collect, store, and aggregate logs 
  • Monitor through customizable dashboards and alarms 
  • Act on changes, alarms, and incidents through automation and Auto Scaling
  • Analyze trends, metrics, logs, and traces 
  • Achieve further compliance and security by integrating CloudWatch with AWS IAM

To begin maximizing your utilization of Amazon CloudWatch, start with learning about the dashboards.

Everyone should know how to use CloudWatch if they're using AWS. CloudWatch is a tool that provides insight into all of your resources regarding performance, utilization, and overall health. It also has a handy dashboard that has generic displays regarding those metrics. It's customizable, though, and you can change that to suit whatever your business needs are.
However, in audits, I rarely see CloudWatch being used to its full potential. CloudWatch can integrate with a number of other services that we discuss to create alerts regarding not only their performance, but also security related issues and changes in your environment. I hope that clients will take it upon themselves to learn more about this tool.

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