A Thorough Audit Makes a Difference

Delivering a Quality Audit 

Unlike other firms who deliver substandard audit services, KirkpatrickPrice is committed to providing unparalleled assurance services that are rooted in quality and designed to give you peace of mind. The mission at KirkpatrickPrice is, simply, to make sure. We make sure that your systems are not exposed or easy to compromise. We make sure that your personnel are trained on their information security responsibilities. We make sure that your office isn’t vulnerable to environmental security risks. Our job is to make sure. From scoping to onsite visits to evidence collection to report writing, every step of our audit process aims to deliver thorough, thoughtful audits. 

One of the common pieces of feedback that we get from our clients who have had audits from other firms is that they didn’t know what they were missing. They didn’t even know that certain things weren’t being checked or certain testing plans weren’t utilized. If you get one of those low-quality audits, was it even worth the money in the first place? Why not put your budget and your resources towards a quality, experienced product that will get you results and satisfy your clients?

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