Cyber Threat Intelligence

It’s important to have resources that you’re connected to to learn about the emerging risks that are out there. One of the questions that you have when you’re in an audit is, “Show us what subscriptions you have. Show us what forums you’re a part of. Show us what organizations you receive information from.” The purpose of this is something that you find in the NIST cyber security framework, that, in the risk assessment section, you should be subscribed to information sharing resources. And the reason for that is, you can’t do a proper risk assessment if you're not even aware of some of threats that are out there. So, staying up to speed on the current trends and staying up to speed on some of the data breaches that are happening- being aware of your industry and what’s happening in it- being aware of the issues that are facing the technology that you’re utilizing can be very important to aid your completion of your risk assessment. A lot of times we forget to subscribe to specific manufacturers' information tools to let us know whenever a serious vulnerability is identified within the firewall brand or the software that we have installed in our cloud environment. So, being able to have those types of information sources can be very important to aid our risk assessment activities. 

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