Real-world Risk Assessment

As a company principal, it’s important to realize that risk assessment is performed at every level of the organization and for every activity you do. You’ve been doing it instinctively most of the time. In your operations you consider, if I do this thing, what is the bad thing that might come of it? In my history, I’ve seen policies around margarita Fridays within an organization because there were inherent risks in having everybody have a good time on a Friday afternoon. And the company owner took the time to establish potential threats. Talking about things like, “What happens if someone has a bit too much and wants to drive home?” Ranging to, “What happens if somebody doesn’t want to participate and feels left out or pressured?” Addressing those in policy became something important to the company and its culture. That risk assessment, that activity of sitting down and looking at what threats an activity present is key to what we do. If all of this risk assessment “thing” that we’ve been talking about seems a bit arcane and out there, remember, it can be for anything. Even a good Friday afternoon. 

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