Cloud Services Are Assets with Risk

The rise of the cloud represents an incredible opportunity for business. It gives you an opportunity to scale and to operate in a way that was normally restricted to those people with deep pockets and a lot of space available in a data center. Many of the traditional risks that go along with infrastructure in the cloud are still present. We often forget that in our rush to these new environments and new capabilities. It is a common phrase among assessors that we move all of the risks one step to the left. What do we mean by that? Instead of those risks being tangible and on a physical piece of equipment, we’ve now moved them into the code that builds our infrastructure and into the planning that goes into the architecture of our cloud engagement. Just because you’ve moved to the cloud doesn’t mean that Amazon, Google, AWS, RackSpace, or any other cloud provider has actually assumed all of your risk. Remember that each one of these cloud services providers gives you a shared responsibility matrix. Talking about what you’re responsible for and what they’re responsible for, for each one of your services. And it is key, when you do your risk assessment, and you plan your company's profile, and your service delivery, that you recognize that cloud alone does not abrogate either your responsibilities or the risks inherent in the services you provide. It only changes where they sit. And while it may change who’s responsible, it’s ultimately up to you to know who is responsible for each one of the risks you identify.  

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