Create an Assessment Together

What does the Blue Man Group have to do with risk assessment? Stay with me on this. I saw them in concert a few years back, and I thought it was an amazing show, because never was a word spoken. But yet, there was so much communication going on in that room that night with what was happening on the stage and with the audience. Everyone seemed to understand what was being said in the form of the art that was being created during the program. And before the show started, they had a quote up on the wall that, I think, really summed up what was happening. It said, “If you want to forge a relationship with a different culture, perhaps you would bring them a gift. But if you really want a relationship that lasts, you should create something together.” Whether it’s a meal, or an art project, or a spontaneous dance party, these are the things that can create relationships that last. And what happens during a risk assessment is very similar. Sometimes we focus on ending up with just a soulless document that proves that we did a risk assessment. But actually, what is so wonderful about working together on a risk assessment is bringing in different people with different perspectives and different ideas to come together and create this assessment and get a holistic view of your organization and the risks that you face. You can’t do that by yourself. You have to do it through relationship with others. We would love to facilitate that for you. We would love to be a part of it and create that with you and support you in your security and compliance goals. 

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