Six Types of Risk

Today, we’re going to talk about six different types of risk. The first is compliance. So that’s anything to do with legal or regulatory measures, that can include the exposure of HIPPA data, or GDPR, or any other legal or regulatory requirements. The next is existential. Existential risks are anything that threaten to end the organization. This can be a complete loss of funding, or one of your major product lines becoming obsolete. The third is external. This is any outside threat or risk that you have no control over. This can include data breaches and natural disasters. Operational. Operational risks deal with how we run our day-to-day business. These types of risks involve our policy documentation, how well we’re maintaining our inventory, and whether or not we’re able to recover from a major outage. Personnel. Personnel risks are anything that has to do with employees within our organization. This can cover a broad range of topics, such as our company culture, key-man vulnerabilities, and social engineering or phishing attacks. And finally, technological. Technological risks deal with our physical and logical systems within our environment. Some of the risks include, co-vulnerabilities, workstation configuration management, and the use of public networking by our remote employees. 

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