Restricting Access to EBS Snapshots

Private EBS Snapshots
EBS provides block storage for EC2 instances. To back up the data on your EBS volumes, you can take snapshots of your EBS volumes, which are sent to S3. These snapshots, as described by AWS, are incremental backups that contains all of the information needed to restore your data to a new EBS volume.

AWS does allow you to make your EBS snapshots public, but we recommend restricting access to EBS snapshots by making them private, unless you have a specific business need that requires this. These point-in-time snapshots are crucial to your data backup and recovery processes; you don’t want to risk public access or permissions misconfigurations here. 

For more information, visit the AWS documentation on EBS snapshots.   

Elastic Block Store, or EBS, provides underlying block storage for EC2 instances. EBS volumes should be protected using IAM policies to ensure that only appropriate personnel or resources have access to the Elastic Block Store instances. As such, protection should be implemented by the organization to ensure that only required resources are available to specific accounts as needed.

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